Codata Factsheet | Lyon : République

Each month, Codata selects a city centre that has been recently studied by our team of data-collectors in order to share the latest trends observed on site.

Last February, our team of data-collectors conducted the annual census of the commercial cluster “Lyon : République”. The cluster encompasses two commercial sites totalling 1,781 locations, of which 1,557 are occupied by shops.

Commercial sites in the “Lyon : République” cluster:

  • Shopping streets
  • Grand Hôtel-Dieu (shopping centre)
Codata Factsheet Lyon : République 2024

Commercial vacancy rate has risen for the second year in a row: the proportion of empty retail locations went from 6.0% to 6.2% from 2023 to 2024.

In terms of activities distribution, the three most-represented activity in the city centre remain the same as last year.

The activity “Café-Hotel-Restaurant” still ranks first in this top 3 with an occupancy rate of 24.7% (i.e. 385 locations occupied).

Second place goes to the “Clothing” activity with a 20.8% occupation rate (i.e. 324 shops). Finally, the activity “Perfumes-Beauty-Body care” closes the ranking with an 11.5% occupation rate (i.e. 179 shops).

Unlike last year, when it rose by 0.2 points, the proportion of retailers is decreasing: 36.3% in 2023 compared with 35.9% in 2024.

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