Retail observatory

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All commercial sites are annually studied by our team and are accurately geo-referenced, positioned and mapped.

Commercial site

According to Codata, a commercial site generally meets the following requirements

Our database continues to expand year after year and includes more than 4,700 commercial sites!

  • The site is located in an agglomeration of at least 25,000 inhabitants
  • The total sales area reaches at least 10,000 sq m by site
  • The site counts at least 25 shops including at least one medium-sized shop (2,500 sq m and more)

Features of a commercial site

Attributes of Codata commercial sites

Retail location

Find the best retail location among 380,000 locations listed in the Codata database!

A Retail Location corresponds to a location that might be occupied by a shop. Thus, the Retail Location can be occupied by a shop or not; it can also be used as a house or for non-commercial purposes (a monument, for instance). As for the shop, it may be of different kinds: retail shop, wholesale shop, restaurant, agency…

Features of a retail location

Attributes of a Codata location