Territorial authorities, city councils

Give your city centre a boost, control the commercial vacancy rate and diversify the commercial offer

Thanks to a reliable Retail observatory and precise data, Codata provides you with all the tools you need to increase your knowledge of the commercial offer present within your area. Deploy the commercial potential of your territory in a few clicks!

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Optimise your knowledge of the retail landscape of your territory

  • Consult detailed maps of your urban unit with the option of displaying all the shops present by activity
  • Consult then edit thematic maps
  • Position, in a comprehensive cartographic interface, the locations occupied by Retailers, the vacant locations and the new locations
  • Identify the most attractive commercial axes
  • Compare commercial axes by activity, number of shops and number of retailers
  • Consult detailed statistics on shops
  • Compare the commercial offer present in your urban unit with the commercial offer present in similar urban units

Encourage the establishment of new retailers and shops

  • Identify the retailers absent from your urban unit
  • Track the openings and closures of retailers year by year until the current year
  • Offer your vacant locations to the retailers absent from your agglomeration
  • Contact expansion managers: postal address, email address and phone numbers
  • Download these contact details and features in XLS format and/or vCard format

Optimise the shops distribution by activity

  • Identify the activities that are in development
  • Consult reliable statistics on the distribution of shops and retailers by activity
  • Consult detailed thematic maps with the option to display all the shops present by activity