A data driven group at the service of the operational efficiency and commercial productivity of its clients. 

To accelerate its growth and bring more value to the market, EXPLORE has surrounded itself with innovating, data-driven companies with strong potential to form the Explore Group. 

Expert in data intelligence solutions 

Producer of high value-added BtoB behavioural data solutions, EXPLORE identifies the moments in a company’s life that generate new needs and transforms these signals into business opportunities. The diversity, depth and quality of our data enable our clients to acquire a 360° view of projects and players, according to their markets and territories, to facilitate their business development. 

The first platform offering 360° B2B data

Sociétéinfo is the result of opendata and a large dose of technical innovation, it offers new possibilities of business sourcing and commercial engagement. With more than 10 million of index cards for companies, associations or freelances, Sociétéinfo provides all legal, financial, web data and the contacts that you need! More than 10,000 users are already developing and enhancing their data strategy with Sociétéinfo. 

Experts in the detection, management and dematerialised response to procurement market 

Wanao and Sendao offer innovative solutions for the detection, management and dematerialised response to public contracts. Wanao uses automation, data intelligence and an in-depth knowledge of the needs of public procurement candidates to make its clients’ daily lives easier. The tailor-made solutions offered by Wanao & Sendao enable economic operators to save time and improve performance throughout the tender process, particularly when dealing with large volumes of activity. 

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