Building owners database

Identify the owners and the tenants of a targeted retail location

Are you looking for a retail location? Or have you located a retail unit?

At Codata, we not only maintain a comprehensive database of over 380,000 retail locations, but we also provide you with the owners of these premises (provided that the owners are legal entities).

To assist you in your research, we provide you with access to data from the file of premises of legal entities (DGFiP). This way, all the information you may need is gathered on the same platform.

In concrete terms, on each location index card listed on Codata Explorer, you have all the information to:

  • Know the address of the buildings
  • Get the name(s) of the owner(s) of the building (provided that the owners are legal entities)
  • Know the names of the corporate officers
  • Identify the premises located in the building
  • Know the use of the premises
  • Have the surface area of the premises
  • Identify the number of the premises and the floor on which it is located