Legal notice and terms of use of the sites

1 – Name of the company

This site is operated by Codata Services, limited liability company under Belgian law, whose registered office is located Avenue du Bourgmestre Jean Materne, 143-145 in 5100 Namur – Belgium. Company Registration BE 0505.976.645 – RPM (Register of legal persons) Namur.

Its phone number is +32 81 21 53 48. The company can also be contacted by filling in this form.

2 – Scope of information and Codata liability

In any case, even if Codata attaches the utmost importance to the quality and accuracy of its contents, of its alphanumerical data and maps available on its websites, the company cannot guarantee the reliability, the exhaustiveness and the accuracy of all data available on Codata websites.

At any time, Codata reserves the right to modify all services and data available on its websites without notice.

The company Codata cannot be held responsible for the disappearance, the faults and the contents of the websites referenced on its websites. Furthermore, Codata does not in any way guarantee the accuracy of the Internet addresses available on its websites.

Under no circumstances will Codata liability be called into question as to the use of information provided on its websites – or coming from other websites to which it refers – or the absence of specific information.

The general terms of sale and use specify the detailed scope of Codata liability.

3 – Trademarks, Copyright and Producer’s Rights

The Codata brand and logo are registered trademarks. They are protected against any use by a third party.

Codata websites and all their contents are protected by the European legislation on copyright. All data and layouts of the websites are protected by copyright. You may not reproduce, modify, adapt or translate any of the present data on Codata websites in any form and without written permission from Codata.

The contents of Codata databases are protected by the European legislation on producer’s rights. These rights allow the database producer to prohibit any retrieval, reproduction, modification, adaptation or translation of all or of a part of the databases present on Codata servers in any form.

4 – Privacy Policy

Codata attaches the utmost importance to the respect of its clients’ and users’ private life and to the respect of their will.

Thus, we inform you that the personal data we collect from you is stored in a database. Unless you do not want us to, this database enables us to keep you informed about Codata activities as well as to publish your data in lists of Retailers and/or of Service providers to which other clients/members of our sites can have access.

In accordance with the current legislation regarding the protection of privacy, you have at any time the right of access to your personal data, the right of correction and of opposition to its retention.

For any data change, contact us by email, by fax (+32 81 21 54 24) or by post. Your data is collected and dealt with by Codata Services sa, 143-145, Avenue Bourgmestre Jean Materne – 5100 Namur (Belgium).

5 – Cookies

Codata uses cookies and similar technologies (also refered to as “cookies”) on its websites. Cookies are small computer files that are stored on your computer or device when you visit our websites. Our websites use different kinds of cookies: cookies to ensure the proper functioning of our websites, cookies designed to improve your browsing comfort (for instance so that you will not always receive the same information or should not always resubmit it), and cookies from third parties that help us to improve the contents and the proper working of our websites (Google Analytics).

You may adjust your browser settings so that it will refuse cookies. For further information and explanations on this option, refer to the “Help” or “Tools” section of most browsers. Be careful: If you disable the cookies, you should be aware that most websites do not work in an optimal fashion.

The visitor of Codata websites acknowledges to be informed about the purposes of cookies and to accept their use.

6 – Website security

Codata does everything possible to efficiently protect its websites against unauthorised access and to guarantee the confidentiality of personal and professional information of its clients.

However, Codata recommends its clients and users to ensure their own safety, namely by:

  • Carefully using their password
  • Never sharing their password with anyone
  • Deactivating users that should not have access to Codata websites anymore, for instance the access of a departing colleague
  • Opting for a sufficiently complex password (for instance with at least 8 characters containing lower cases, capital letters, numbers and one or several special characters)
  • Regularly changing their password

7 – Prosecutions and litigations

Any infraction of the prescriptions detailed in this document or in our General Terms of Sale is likely to lead to legal, civil or penal proceedings.

In case of litigation between Codata and a third party, the issue can only be dealt with by the tribunal of Namur (Belgium) and exclusively enforced under Belgian law.