Our talents

The Codata teams possess a wide range of expertise and talents. Discover the missions of few of our staff members and how their work is put at the service of understanding the commercial offer in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Élise | Documentalist – In-house Research Data France


As a documentalist, Elise’s daily tasks includes the update of our data France: sites, projects, directories of retailers and service providers, update of contact details… many topics that require a constant monitoring and a permanent search for relevant information. That is why Elise scours the press and social medias every day to find all elements needed to update the index cards you find on Codata Explorer. 

Olivier | Production Manager


Every year, the Production team, supervised by Olivier, travels the main axes of French, Belgian and Luxembourg cities to collect data in situ. In addition to taking part in the on-site data collections, Olivier, as team leader, has a role of trainer and controller of the collected data to ensure their quality. But even before going in the field, it is necessary to be able to identify commercial flourishing areas. Based on Codata criteria, Olivier is in charge of selecting these sites. 

During their daily data-collections, our team of data-collectors sends their field observations to Olivier who processes them to enrich our database and provide you with new data (new retailers, new sites, new projects, etc.). 

Tanguy | Cartography & technical department

Tanguy, Service cartographie & Technique

Tanguy’s work makes it possible for our client to display locations, sites and projects georeferenced and represented at the level of the cadastral parcel map. One of us his duties is to import the cadastral plans into the cartographic interface of Codata Explorer.  

But not only that…Tanguy is also in charge of checking all the data collected on the field and encoded by our team of data-collectors. In this way, the data provided on our detailed maps and plans is checked before being put online. In sum, Tanguy is responsible for the upstream and downstream work of our field censuses. 

Michaël | Business developper

Michaël’s role is to ensure the medium- and long-term commercial development of Codata. He is in charge of finding new potential clients and to offer them a solution that meets their needs. His knowledge of real estate allows Michaël to fully understand his prospects’ challenges. Also, Michaël is responsible for the follow-up and client relations. He supports our interlocutors throughout the application of the contract to make their use of the Codata Explorer tool easier and to adjust the solution if necessary.