Get exclusive data to develop your network and relocate your locations

With Codata you can locate a location in its environment, determine its potential, identify competing locations and detect the most attractive commercial sites… All without leaving your office!

How do our solutions meet your daily needs?


the best opportunities


your competition

Draw up

your expansion plan

Avoid travelling

  • View shopfront pictures
  • Measure the shopfront length of the location and visualise its surface area
  • Determine the potential of a location by using footfall data
  • Locate and characterise competing shops
  • Identify and locate the main attractive spots of the commercial site
  • Understand the specificities of the urban and commercial landscape of the site or cluster

Draw up a development plan

  • Target commercial sites with available locations according to your establishment criteria
  • Set priorities among those sites according to your most important criteria
  • Gather target sites by geographical areas or by types of sites
  • Gather target sites by lessor or developer
  • Download the features of all targeted sites in XLS format
  • Target, site by site, the most appropriate commercial axes
  • List the locations you might be interested in
  • Perfect your development strategies with footfall analyses

Find the ideal location

With our solutions, you can

  • Know the features of all commercial sites of an agglomeration
  • Know the features of the targeted location
  • Understand its commercial environment
  • Assess the attractiveness of the location thanks to footfall data
  • Locate and characterise competing shops
  • View the shopfront pictures, over one or several years
  • Know the history of the location

Compile accurate and qualitative presentation reports

  • Edit maps of the agglomeration with positioning of the commercial Site(s)
  • Edit maps of the commercial Site with positioning of the targeted location and of anchors
  • Edit detailed maps of the targeted location in its direct environment
  • Edit pictures of the location in PDF and JPG formats
  • Edit lists of rival locations or nearby locations
  • Edit demographic, economic or commercial statistics

Contact retail leasing manager quickly and easily

Codata provides you with all the information to:

  • Know the name of the service provider
  • Get the contact details (e-mail address and/or telephone number) of the people to be contacted
  • Prepare your meeting based on the information gathered
  • Download the features and contacts of all listed leasing managers and real estate advisors in XLS format and/or vCard format