Focus on Saragossa

Saragossa (680,000 inhabitants) is the fifth Spanish city in terms of population and ranks fourth in terms of economic activity. Located 350 km east of Madrid, it is the capital of the Saragossa province that counts nearly 1,000,000 inhabitants.

Car industry (Opel), textile industry (Inditex), IT industry (Dell) and logistics hub have contributed to the dynamisn of this urban area that is also home to Spain’s third airport.

The last Codata censuses on the province of Saragossa were made in April 2015. As a result, 29 commercial sites, including several projects of new shopping centres or retail parks, have been updated.

Region Saragossa – Distribution of sites
Region Saragossa – Distribution of clusters such as “shopping streets”
Region Saragossa – Distribution of clusters such as “shopping centres”

Three clusters of the type “shopping streets” were listed in the province of Saragossa. Of course, the most important one is Saragossa city centre, where nearly 400 national retailers were listed out of more than 1,200 shops.

Saragossa – Calle de Alfonso 1
Saragossa – Paseao de la Independencia
Saragossa – Calle de las Delicia

Most shopping centres are located in periurban or outlying areas. In total, thirteen shopping centres were listed. Only one has more than 100 shops: Gran Casa with 123 shops, including 96 national retailers.

Centro Comercial Puerto Venecia – Saragossa
Gran Casa – Saragossa
Centro Comercial Plaza Imperial – Saragossa

It should be noted that these shopping centres are generally not combined with large commercial areas. Only one commercial area includes more than 10 shops:  Utebo : Autovia de Logrono with Alcampo. The presence of two significant retail parks should be noted: Parque Comercial Plaza Imperial and Parque Comercial Puerto Venezia.