Focus on Vienna

The capital of Austria, with a population of more than 1.7 million inhabitants, is an important international political centre. Famous for its historical centre listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the city is also well known for its quality of like.

The trade is flourishing and Codata has listed no less than 61 sites in the district of Vienna.

The centre of Vienna includes 8 shopping streets, each one of them being linked to shopping centres. The two most important sites are: Wien – Innere Stadt and Wien – Neubau.

District of Vienna – Distribution of sites
Vienna centre – Distribution of clusters including shopping streets

In the cluster Wien – Innere Stadt, national retailers are mainly located in the southern part of the city: Kohlmarkt, Graben and Kaerntner Straße. An area dedicated to luxury retailers, Golden Quartier, has appeared in Bognergasse, Seitzergasse and Tuchlauben. A shopping centre is linked to this site: Ringstrassen-Galerien (58 shops).

Wien – Innere Stadt – Distribution of national retailers and shopping centres
Wien – Neubau – Distribution of national retailers and shopping centres

The other major cluster, Wien-Neubau, includes half the number of shops located in Wien – Innere Stadt (655 to 1198) but an almost equal number of national retailers are implanted of the site. Four shopping centres are present: Generali-Center, Gerngross, Lastafa and BahnhofCity Wien West (89 shops such as Palmers, Bipa, A1…).

Wien – Neubau – Mariahilfer Straße
Wien – Innere Stadt – Graben
Wien – Neubau – Kärntnerstraße

In periurban area, the main cluster is Wien: Wagramer Strasse including the biggest shopping centre in the district of Vienna, Donau Zentrum (254 shops such as Humanic, Libro, Interspar…). There is also Wien: Albert-Schweitzer-Gasse that includes the shopping centre Auhof Center (121 shops such as Blaumax, Dorotheum, Merkur…).

Donau Zentrum
BahnhofCity Wien West

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