Executive Assistant SCC

Could you introduce SCC?

As the founder of the first shopping centre in France with Parly2, of more than 40 shopping centres in Europe, and also of residential properties and offices, our mission is to improve, transform, and invent new and unparalleled spaces for everyday lives.

Consultancy, Development, Asset Management, Marketing, and Property Management, SCC’s different activities all pursue the same aim: creating responsible value, human value, as well as commercial and financial value for our clients, partners and stakeholders… As a global platform for strategic and operational services, SCC puts all its energy and that of its ecosystem into enhancing the value of its properties, by designing ground-breaking, original, bespoke and high value-added programmes.

How does the Codata solution assist you in conducting your activities?

Firstly, Codata helps us to prepare our call for tender documents. We follow a dynamic development strategy with more than 10 new mandates won in 2023 and thus we are regularly asked to give our strategic viewpoint on an asset. The Codata solution enables us to complement our analyses and to draw up a precise list of already established retailers, their activities, their surface areas, the competition…

The Codata solution is also used by our entire team of leasing managers. The solution is truly a prospection tool for them that enables to complement their work in the field. It helps them to conduct an analysis of a commercial site thanks to information on the commercial environment (What are the retailers established in the surrounding areas? What are the retailers that are expanding in the region? What is the commercial vacancy rate?). Lastly, Codata is very effective in helping to get in contact with retailers. In addition to the network of retailers we have taken the time to build up over many years, the tool allows us to search by retailer name, giving us direct access to the contact details of the retailer’s expansion managers.

What are the strong points of the Codata solution, according to you?

The main strong point of Codata is the completeness of data. When we are looking for something on the platform, there is little or no missing information. Everything is on there! The solution never leaves us without an answer! Overall, Codata allows us to be more precise and more efficient in our daily work process.