Codata Factsheet | Nancy city centre

Each month, Codata selects a city centre that has been recently studied by our team of data-collectors in order to share the latest trends observed on site.

Back in January, our team walked 27 km through the streets of Nancy to collect the latest data on the evolution of retail in the city centre. The city centre includes four commercial sites:

  • Shopping street (1 008 locations)
  • Galerie Saint-Sébastien (13 locations) – Shopping centre
  • Gare de Nancy (11 locations)

Saint-Sébastien (107 locations) – Shopping centre

Codata Factsheet Nancy city centre 2023

In 2023, the vacancy rate in Nancy has reached 10.5 % vs 9.7 % in 2022, that is to say a raise of 0.8 point.

The shops in the city centre are mainly occupied by the “Café-Hotel-Restaurant” activity (24.4 % occupation rate in 2023). Followed by “Clothing” (17.8 %) and “Services” (14.1 %).

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