News : City centre of Marseille

The cluster “Marseille City centre” includes the shopping streets and the “Bourse” shopping centre. Within the perimeter, studied in May 2021, Codata listed 1,707 locations, of which 1,361 are shops.

Since 2017, the vacancy rate has alternated between increasing and decreasing. This trend was once again observed in 2021, as the vacancy rate went down from 12.8 % to 12.5 % (after having increased from 12,2 % to 12.8 % between 2019 and 2020).

Despite this decrease observed on the Cluster, the vacancy rate of the “Bourse” shopping centre (55 shops) went up: it rose from 22.7 % to 27.3 %.

As for the Shopping Street Site (1,306 shops), the vacancy rate went from 12.3 % to 11.7 %.

Another trend was also confirmed in 2021: the number of shops occupied by the “Café – Hotel – Restaurant” activity continued to increase and the number of shops occupied by the “Clothing” activity declined: 10 more shops and 12 fewer shops respectively.

With 374 locations occupied by the “Café – Hotel – Restaurant” activity and 236 by the “Clothing” activity, both categories are the most represented in the city centre in 2021.

In addition, these are the only activities with more than 200 occupied retail locations each.

In 2021, Retailers had 20 openings and 36 closures, reducing their occupancy rate from 30.2 % to 29.1 %.

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